Target Games

Corner Skills

Designed in collaboration with young people and sports coaches, you can pick from a noughts and crosses game through to cricket and make up as many games as the imagination allows for! Corner Skills Panels are 2.4m high x 0.6m wide and are manufactured with heavy duty HDPE and steel fixing brackets.


Street Snooker X

In 2010, a game was created to enhance various essential life skills, including goal setting, concentration, and strategic thinking. The game involves throwing a ball or bean bag towards a red triangle from a designated starting point on the ground.

Street Snooker

Street Pool

Get ready for serious fun! Street Pool can played in just as many ways as the famous table version, but without requiring a cue or cue ball


Crossbar King

Crossbar King is a brilliant crossbar challenge game to increase target skills, coordination and maths. The game includes 8 multi-coloured crossbars made from anti-climb half round steel tubes. Play on your own, as part of a team, a school PE lesson or as a serious training tool for football/soccer.


Tennis Superstar

A fun introduction into the world of Tennis! Use a tennis ball and racket, or play without a racket by throwing /kicking a ball to the Tennis rebound wall. Progress through the points to win your games and sets to become the Tennis Superstar! A brilliant game that can be used/played in various ways, guiding players through the rules of Tennis and helping to develop hand to eye coordination

Tennis Superstar

First to Zero

First To Zero is a game where players start with 50 points or less and try to reach zero by subtracting points. It can be played in different ways and is suitable for families, physical education classes, or individual play.


Goal Master

A brilliant game for football/soccer, handball players, in-fact for any sport where a goal frame is required to score points. Ideal for schools, parks, soccer camps, football club training grounds, leisure centres or holiday parks.

Big metal garage door on big brick wall.

Cricket Champ

CRICKET CHAMP is a fun sports game which provides endless hours of target practice for bowlers and pitchers.. Facing the cricketer gives players the practical confidence of bowling against a batsman. Players can make their own rules up by shooting for the numbered targets on the wall. This game is perfect fun at playtime amongst friends or for anyone wanting to improve their bowling.

Cricket Champ

Street Darts

STREET DARTS is fun take on classic darts, played by starting at 90 points or less and then aiming at the numerical targets to SUBTRACT points, in order to reach exactly zero on the scoreboard. The game can act as a valuable part of PE lessons or as a solo player activity at playtime or after school.


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