Cricket Champ

 CRICKET CHAMP is a fun sports game which provides endless hours of target practice for bowlers and pitchers.. Facing the cricketer gives players the practical confidence of bowling against a batsman. Players can make their own rules up by shooting for the numbered targets on the wall. This game is perfect fun at playtime amongst friends or for anyone wanting to improve their bowling.

Cricket Champ


Materials / Commercial Grade for Parks
Manufactured using HDPE – Heavy duty High Density Polyethylene panels (100 percent recyclable) with 3mm thick di-bond inserts for graphical targets and scoreboard rules, countersunk by 3mm into the HDPE material and secured with anti tamper fixings.

Size of games wall: 2400mm wide x 1200mm high
Size of scoreboard: 1500mm wide x 1000mm high
Installation time:
45 mins for two people


A lightweight / budget version of our games, for areas where vandalism and extreme weather is not an issue. Very easily attached to any wall or rigid fence using cable ties or elastic bungees.. Manufactured out of durable yet lightweight plastic printed materials, suitable for indoors and outdoors.
Size of games wall: 1200mm wide x2400mm high
Size of scoreboard: 1000mm wide x 650mm high

Installation time: 10 mins for one person

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