What we do.
We specialise in tackling inactivity in children, young people and adults.

How we do it.
By creating high quality, innovative, inclusive & educational target games. The games can fit to almost any existing rigid fence or wall and require a space of just 5000mm x 4000mm

Why we do it.
To make a difference to people’s lives, promote key life skills and positive outcomes whilst having fun, without the use of electronics

The rules of the playground have changed.
Engineered to engage. Innovated to inspire. Made to wow! We design, build and energise recreational spaces to create next-generation playgrounds and games for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We transform environments, bring communities together, create pride and generate a positive impact on lives. We are PlayInnovation. The game has indeed changed.
Ready to play?

Captivate Your Community.

Bring on the community spirit.
Communities need engaging focal points to come together, giving people opportunities to meet neighbours and old friends, and create new ones. Our innovative playgrounds, ballcourts and MUGAsare literally weaving new fabric into communities – transforming them through unique design and personalised features to create valuable impact. So much so in fact, that we have been shortlisted by London Sport for the Community Impact of the Year Award 2023. We are considered innovative outdoor recreation consultants, but we are proud to be community builders.


Maximise space in your existing MUGA or ball court by adding one or more of Play Innovation’s Corner Skills target games.

The revolutionary new Corner Skills range has been designed to utilise available space, such as corners and other “dead spaces”, within play areas and ballcourts.

The engaging games – ranging from noughts and crosses to cricket and target games – have been created in collaboration with sports coaches and young people themselves. Corner Skills will inspire children to be physically active and also encourage them to use their imagination to create their own versions of how to play the games. Find out more here.

A Game For Every Court.
A Court For Every Game.

Playgrounds, ballcourts, MUGAs. Interactive games. Astonishing results.
Maybe you’re looking for an upgrade on your existing play area or sports facility? Maybe you want a brand new project built from the ground up? Maybe you want interactive concept games to inspire generations for generations? Our bespoke designs brighten social spaces and wow communities!


Play Innovation offers a full tennis court design and build service. Our ground up approach includes surfacing, floodlighting and installation.

Our in-house team is meticulous in ensuring that the highest standards in installation are upheld – as proud members of SAPCA (Sports & Play Construction Association) you can rest assured that our work is quality-assured.

Never Underestimate
The Power Of Play.

When it comes to our games, discover unexpected results.
Our games concepts are carefully designed with Olympians to be accessible, inclusive and to deliver positive benefits for all. They are geared to provide 11 developmental outcomes to help children grow – and adults benefit too. Team GB Handball stars, Bobby White and Mark Hawkins, form a key part of our coaching and development team, accompanied by carefully selected PE instructors to ensure everyone wins.

Government and local authorities
Physical fitness
Digital aspects

Cognitive development
Sensory awareness
Spatial awareness
Unstructured play
Challenge Vs. risk

Cool design
Engaging activities
Physical & technological


The rules of the playground have changed.
Whether you’re looking for design and build or an entire turnkey solution, we think smarter and work equally so, meaning you have the peace of mind to know that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your play solution is in safe hands.

How we do it…

1. Site visit 2. Feasibility study 3. Concept submission 4. Site Plan 5. Final Proposal 6. Approval process 7. Manufacturing 8. Installation 9. Maintenance 1. Site visit 2. Feasibility study 3. Concept submission 4. Site Plan 5. Final Proposal 6. Approval process 7. Manufacturing 8. Installation 9. Maintenance 1. Site visit 2. Feasibility study 3. Concept submission 4. Site Plan 5. Final Proposal 6. Approval process 7. Manufacturing 8. Installation 9. Maintenance

A Whole New Ballgame.

Next-gen expectations, demand next-gen solutions.

Kids have always been a tough audience.But to reach today’s young people, with their expectations elevated by a digital age, necessitates next-level engagement. This is why our play areas, active spaces and games are tomorrow-ready. Our future-focused solutions are based on patented products, passionate people and productive partnerships. We work with local communities to discover what will make a relevant difference before delivering a solution to your specification, your budget and your timescale. Let the new games begin…

X doesn’t just mark the spot, it hits it.

If something isn’t broken, then why fix it? Well, because we’re innovation by name and by nature we never stand still. We’re always looking to improve and that applies to our games too. Our new X-Range of games takes our tried and trusted innovations and transforms themto ensure the audiences of tomorrow will be as delighted as those that grew up enjoying them.

We Walk. You Talk.

Letting others do the talking…
Transforming communities through innovative MUGAs gives us enormous satisfaction, but it means more through the satisfaction it gives others. We’re always delighted when local authorities are thrilled with our work, but the acid test for us is ultimately judged through the smiles on children’s faces and their exclamations of excitement when enjoying the results of our hard work.

Local Council.


Respected Partners.

Want to give your space a fresh face?

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